Les Ripeurs

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Les Ripeurs, is a startup which stands up to :
  • Improve the waste valorization by collecting and recycling those into a specific area
  • Fight against the non regulated waste disposal
Since the creation, in 2017, Les Ripeurs it is :
  • 95 0000 tons of waste collected,
  • 85% of waste-to-energy conversion,
  • 6 500 clients.
In fact, Les Ripeurs is a global solution which can be use for any type of waste in any situation on any construction site. We internally developed an application which allows us to manage large volumes of commands anywhere in France. For some operations, we can be on site within 3 hours and for other it will be 24h. The quicker the better.

Our ambition ? Be more impactful.

What we need ?
  • Bigger clients (Corporate firms from the construction sector)
  • Being outside of France and think outside of the box to be more efficient

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Les Ripeurs

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