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Sharecare, the digital health global company placing "all your health in one place", supports individuals to improve their lifestyle in a sustainable way, whether they are healthy citizens, have chronic disease conditions, are hospitalized patients, or are frail people (seniors, Alzheimer or cancer patients, caregivers, etc.). To achieve this mission, Sharecare counts around 2.400 employees worldwide with 30+ years of experience in disease management and chronic care. Our RealAge assessment has been taken by more than 45 million people.

Combining expertise in health & wellbeing, data science and technology but also in behavioural sciences and marketing, Sharecare is working with insurers, mutual funds, assistance companies, employers, hospitals or local authorities, to empower their members/employees/patients/citizens for a better management of their health and wellbeing.

We develop wellbeing empowerment programmes, proposing to people a comprehensive experience driving them on healthy living journeys within their community. Sharecare’s focus is to deliver tangible impact and outcomes to our partners and clients, with the support of the latest technologies and digital innovations combined with a strong knowledge and know-how to maximise the users’ engagement on a long-term basis. We deliver our programmes through an omnichannel approach, both impacting individual behaviours (through digital and phone coaching) and leveraging on the living environment’s assets and resources. Our solutions enable for our clients, continuous monitoring and data-driven decision-processes.

Sharecare started its activities in 2011 in France supporting the national public health insurer (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie) in the implementation of one of the largest chronic diseases’ management programme in Europe (850,000+ engaged patients) and the digital tool of the French national tobacco cessation programme (600,000 downloads so far of our smoking cessation app). Then, our team developed additional coaching programmes focusing on health prevention, pre- and post- hospitalisation and chronic conditions, addressing the private health insurance sector.

We have now met the market in Europe with a first project in the North Rhein Westphalia (NRW) region, which will be a launchpad for our development both in Germany and across Europe.

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