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Batch is the PUSH expert ! The company was created in 2014 to help brands and media organisations communicate better with their mobile customers; on iPhone, Android and websites.

Those little ‘notifications’ that you receive on your smartphone throughout the day? It’s Batch who sends them.
Example :
  • The French bank, Société Générale, sends you a push message because your salary has been paid into your account? That’s them.
  • The news application BFM TV sends you a message with a breaking news story? That’s them too.
  • The electric moped app sends you a promotional message? That’s them again!
And Batch has thousands of other examples like these since over 10,000 mobile apps use their SaaS platform to send more than 10 billion messages every month, to over 200 million mobile users around the globe.

Batch’s mission is to become the mobile CRM leader in Europe. And with more than 800 key accounts in 15 countries, the international development of the company is well under way.

The company is actively recruiting in order to drive its commercial development, to continue to optimise its platform and to tirelessly improve its overall CRM service.

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