Kipli SAS

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fr • 2018 • Moyenne (11-249) •
Kipli is a young and growing "green and committed" digital brand that wants to become the European leader in the sale of 100% natural products for the home furniture (mattresses, beds, bed linens, etc.), thus responding to the growing number of consumers who want products that are valuable for their health and for the environment. Kipli's main goal is bringing nature back into its customers' homes :)

KIPLI became very successful thanks to its first product on the market: a premium (but affordable) mattress made of 100% natural latex and handmade in Italy.

Over time, the Kipli mattress has been improved to get adapted to the needs of our customers, while remaining respectful of nature and the environment.

Kipli is based in Paris and consists of a team of about twenty people who share strong values about the product and its environmental impact.

Already working in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, KIPLI is rapidly developing its range of products and new countries will be opened.