Paris (Stadt)
Medizintechnik, Gesundheitswesen, soziale Dienst
fr • 2010 • Mittelständisches (11-249) •
Alvéole is a French biotechnology company headquartered in Paris, France. In 2019, two additional sites have been opened in Cologne/Germany and Washington/USA to further grow its team and meet the customer demands.

Alvéole’s vision is to develop and commercialize innovative tools for controlling the cellular microenvironment. As it has become essential to control the behavior and development of living culture cells, Alvéole has launched its flagship product PRIMO in June 2016, a photopatterning device that enables researchers to create protein motifs for cell-based assays at the level of an individual cell or cellular populations.

The PRIMO technique is based on LIMAP technology (Light Induced Molecular Adsorption of Proteins) and combines a UV illumination system controlled by a dedicated software and a specific photoactivatable reagent (PLPP). In addition, we have recently released our 3rd product NOMOS, which is an automated rinsing system operating directly over the working area of inverted microscopes. It combines precise positioning and automated fluidics to achieve rinsing on all substrates. Working together, these three key system components make possible to generate, in only a few seconds, any multi-protein pattern on a wide range of cell culture substrates in 2D or 3D with excellent reproducibility.

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